The Path to Online Peace: @DrVes

I was having a twonversation with Dr.Ves of Clinical Cases and Images blog fame, and I was wondering how he keeps doing so many things all at once, and it was then that he said:


And this really makes such great sense!

Although I am not a prolific blogger, I have such a hard time finding time to write sensible blog posts after devoting time to my other pursuits. Like studying, or earning a living, and such stuff. I guess I have always had some difficulty balancing time between so many interests. And more so, with a 2.5 hour commute to hospital every day, I lose a precious quantum of time riding around the city, which I could have gainfully employed doing something more fruitful.

Anyways, the lesson for the day from Dr.Ves was to plan ahead, never procrastinate and have stuff written up for a rainy day. As in life, so in a blog, it seems.

Now I’d better go and clear off that stack of paperwork that’s sitting atop my desk, being dutifully ignored for the past week or so…

5 thoughts on “The Path to Online Peace: @DrVes

  1. Looking at his link, yahoo pipes is also a great way to cut down on content overload, but still get the stuff you want. For example, I use pipes with to cut out all the mac, iphone kinda of pots because because I don’t use either of those. It filters the feed for the high yield stuff, stuff that I only really want to read.


    1. Yes, although I use Google reader (color me goog any day!) I have experimented with pipes but I’d rather stick to GR! Pipes needs some setting up and sometimes I am a little too lazy for that!


  2. Having content stored up in advance is definitely a good way to go. I usually try to keep a couple of days ahead, but it really depends how busy I get – lately I have been blogging on the fly pretty much, and post drafts are piling up more quickly than I can write them! I think that’s partly because I’ve started using twitter more, and I follow lots of sciency people who post lots of clever links!


    1. Very well put. Twitter is like the hose pipe of information and links pouring torrentially into the system. What is your Twitter handle, would love to follow you. I am somewhat active on it. Sometimes, the action there gets too hot for me to handle. I am @Scepticemia there as well…


  3. When I am in the mood to write in the blog, I write multiple blog posts a day and post them all together. The concept of writing and keeping it in the incubator doesn’t work in my case! I may blog for a few days and sulk away from my blog for several days before I post again.


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