6 Months of Blogging: Looking Back, and Forward

So I guess I am now no longer the new kid on the blog, eh? Considering the fact that I have been writing consistently for half-a-year, I maybe considered to have wet my feet more than adequately! But, to be honest, the journey did not start here. My now archived blog RXtar, which I started … Continue reading 6 Months of Blogging: Looking Back, and Forward

Happy Birthday WordPress!

My favorite blogging platform turns 8 today. Happy birthday WordPress. Although I have been blogging here for less than even 8 months, wordpress has me irreversibly in love. The beautiful blogging system, the easy user interface, the friendly developer community, and over and above all, a community of bloggers who are as vibrant and active … Continue reading Happy Birthday WordPress!

@Doctor_V vs @mommy_doctor: Storm in a #Tweetcup or #HCSM Debate

This is a scary position I am going to take. Contradicting someone of Dr. Brian Vartabedian’s stature is bound to have some repercussions: I hope they are not too profound! Also, hat tip to the awesom @scanman for coming up with the “storm in a tweetcup” comment. I am using it! Anyways. So here goes nothing! … Continue reading @Doctor_V vs @mommy_doctor: Storm in a #Tweetcup or #HCSM Debate

Vampire #FAIL

I am usually above posting such juvenile, tumblr-ey stuff (ahem, I use Tumblr for that, its much easier to steal content in the name of reblogging out there!), but this was just too good to pass up! I have expressed my impatience with the Twilight trilogy before, and this just adds more firepower to my … Continue reading Vampire #FAIL

The Upside Down Pram: A Sudden Encounter in Kolkata

A couple of days ago I was out on a social do with my parents and it was getting late when we started out from the event. It was a weekend midnight, and Kolkata also happened to be hosting a major cricket tie. Thus, on the way back, the roads were understandable deserted – a … Continue reading The Upside Down Pram: A Sudden Encounter in Kolkata