Its Fingerpluckin’ Good!

World, stop talking about Bieber and listen to this kid go:

MI Theme

Admittedly, this ain’t the most difficult thing to strum on a guitar, but look at the way the li’l dude gets immersed in his thing. Its as if the guitar is just an extension of his being. This is some seriously good stuff…

I first stumbled onto his playing when I was wandering the terrains of YouTubeville, looking for a video of the Mamas and The Papas mega hit California Dreaming, which has been playing inside my head for several days. And I found this old vid of his:

I wonder if I am dreaming…

Admittedly, this is one of his earlier works and there are a few slip ups here and there, but in general, he is so good, that you got to sit up and take notice.

One of his works which stunned me is his take on the Eagles classic Hotel California. While there has been a lot of debate over the lyrics of this particular number, with the school saying that they picked out words randomly out of a dictionary when as high as kites slightly winning it over the school that defended its metaphysical succulence, there has been no debate over the guitar awesomeness of the track. Sungha plays this and guess what, he does two guitar parts at once! Its as if each of his fingers has a brain area of its own, their movements are so precise and in time.

Just watch his hands!

It would indeed be interesting to see how his fMRI appears when he plays a particularly complex note! I am guessing it would light up like a Christmas tree in the guitar-finger-moving areas!

And of course, he covers tons of classics and some include my favorites. I can’t say I liked his version of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters, but in doing that one, he was taking on a legendary song, by a legendary group of musicians. So even if he fell short a few times on it, that never rubbed off in the wrong way. If anything, it added a new twist that neo-Metallica fans would be hugely appreciative of.

But, in many ways, the song that took the cake (he has 364 videos, way too many for me to go through right now, so this is based solely on the hugely biased sample I heard to, so don’t bite my head off on this) was this one:

The Guitar god like skills, the cuteness, the subtle dance moves: world, please stop talking about Bieber for once and listen to this 17 year old take it to different heights.

He’s Fingerrpluckin’ Good!

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