AIIMSing for the Best

A weak pun, I know, forgive me, I have an exam in a few hours for which I am grossly underprepared! Whilst I sincerely wish they were going to ask me questions like this:

I am pretty sure I will be handling questions like these instead:

Now if only I could be even a portion like the student in this question, I would not be whining about an impending disaster on my blog. Anyways, I will take whatever positives that I can and see how things pan out. Least I can do, really.

I will try to recall the questions and see how many I can remember, and like I did for the last two examinations I sat for, I will write them on the blog. Turns out I have a pretty decent memory and can remember more questions than most people. Now if only I could find a way to get to the answers of the same…

Anyways, for all those who are appearing for the examinations tomorrow (none of whom are reading my blog, I am sure), all the best, may the fours be with you (for the uninitiated: the examination is a multiple choice pattern with each question having four alternatives and we have to pick out the one best answer.)…

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