The BMJ Group Awards, 2011

Every year, the BMJ Group gives away awards to illustrious individuals and organizations working towards ensuring that we live in a better world. While all the segments are very closely fought and feature some of the world’s most sterling physicians and physician-led organizations, one segment which I closely follow is the junior doctor of the year award. And this year’s nominees are:

 Junior Doctor of the Year

This award rewards the doctor in training who has done most to improve the world we live in or to inspire others

Category sponsored by:

ID Medical

Yasmin_Ahmed_LittleDr Yasmin Ahmed-Little, Public Health SPR, Stockport PCT, UK

Yasmin’s work has opened up and established several opportunities for other junior clinicians across the NHS to engage in leadership and management. She is founding Co-Chair for The Network, a free on-line community for junior medics, as well as a Fellow to the National Leadership Council.

Dan_magnusDr Dan Magnus, Paediatric Registrar, Severn Deanery, UK

Dan is a paediatric registrar with a special interest in Global Child Health, lecturer in Maternal and Child Health, and Co-Founding Trustee of KOP – a UK registered charity committed to improving the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in western Kenya

Rameen_ShakurDr Rameen Shakur, Cardiology SPR, London Deanery, UK

Rameen, is the founding chair of Medic-SHARE (Medical Doctors and Students Hospital Audit and Research Exchange); a novel means of encouraging medical research by undergraduates especially from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has initiated novel research in cardiovascular magnetic resonance at the Heart and Lung Institute where there are now ongoing clinical trials. He is also author of The Essential Clinical Handbook for The Foundation Programme.


Well, I feel sort of opposite of what those bubble heads are thinking! These guys make me wish I was being less of a sheeple sometimes.

Anyways, check out the awards, here is the LINK, again.

One thought on “The BMJ Group Awards, 2011

  1. Hi, Friend! I’ve been away from a bit, and it’s so nice to return and see your face and name! Has the Sceptic taken a less prominent role? Cheers and best wishes for a glorious weekend!


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