Poetry Duels!

So, there’s this awesomely cool medblogger who has decided to write all the posts in rhyme. And well, if someone takes up such a great step, you got to show them some love! So here I am, with a poetic reply to his poetic post. No, neither one of us are going to win any prizes with either of these verses, but hey, who needs to, when this is so much fun!

Head over to his blog to find out his awesome rhyming posts.

Here is my reply to his latest:

I donno about you, but when it comes to grub,
Ya’ll regret the day you were born, if you touch my sub,
This paunch, it needs some maintaining, you see,
So don’ nobody dare stand between my food and me.

And when my uni tried to cut into the grub-buck,
I sold a few books, and just rode my luck.
But now I’m a doc, so it’s all good, at last,
While I advise my patients a diet, I tuck in fast!

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via The Rhyming Med Student


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