Tasting A New Open Access Journal: Flavours

Although it sounds like the name of a multi-cuisine eatery owned by an imaginatively impaired person, Flavour is the name of a new Journal being launched by the BioMed Central folks.

The introduction email says:

The recent explosion of molecular gastronomy has brought the worlds of the laboratory and the kitchen closer together, with science playing an increasingly pivotal role in food and cooking. As a registered BioMed Central user, we wanted you to be amongst the first to hear about Flavour, our exciting new journal that will allow everyone to read the latest and highest quality scientific research in this field.

Sounds like fun. Will they deliver open access to practical pointers to stuff that titillate our taste buds in a good way?

Who knows!


Peter Barham, University of Bristol (UK) and
Per Møller, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Way to go!

The journal can also be followed on Twitter: @FlavourJournal. The introductory tweet is, weirdly enough, self-addressed!


Go on, follow the taste of published success!


One thought on “Tasting A New Open Access Journal: Flavours

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