New Look for Google’s Blogger

Google Blogger has been around for quite some time and is supposedly the largest weblogging system around. The hype around wordpress is however much larger. As a blogger myself, I have found this service to be pretty reliable and comfortable. There are literally tons of people blogging about wordpress vs blogger out there, but in my opinion, the game is not even on.

Honestly speaking, I am a through and through Google guy. But, I have said it before, I will say it again: when it comes to blogging, wordpress wins hands down.

It seems like of late, even Tumblr seems to have a better and more ardent fan following than Blogger. Maybe that is the reason why the Goog overlords have finally decided to give their aging and outdated site a fresh new face.

Here is what the official video has to say:

Blogger: The New Face

The numbers are freaking impressive, as is the case with any other Google product, but the question is, how good is the service? With this update essentially being tweaks to the user interface and minor technological wanking around, there seem to be no profound change in the programming system or major feature sets.

I was a blogger on Google for a year and a half before I closed shop there and moved home here. But the things I sorely missed on Blogger was a sturdy post by email facility, a sleek and user friendly interface (which seems to have been remedied by this new update) and over and above all, an ability to upload a wide variety of files which are necessary for running a blog.

Anyways, the debate will continue and it is good that Blogger is finally getting her long overdue new look. But the fact remains, I still will recommend wordpress (.com or .org, depending upon the individual cases) for any medics planning to join the bloggers’ park!

One thought on “New Look for Google’s Blogger

  1. Having now used both, I think the only advantage that blogger has over is the ability to imbed what ever you please. On you are rather limited to essentially youtube, which is the reason I decided to host wordpress myself, thus removing this restriction.


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