The Top 20 Medical Schools in India in 2011

While I am VERY skeptical about these media-sponsored rankings, I am going to present these data because my alma mater figures in the top 20 medical colleges of India. Also, because there is no other data available listing the ranking of medical schools in India, we have to depend on these rankings, which, unsurprisingly, are … Continue reading The Top 20 Medical Schools in India in 2011

Argyll Robertson: Better Be His Pupil, Than Have It!

Argyll Robertson pupils (“AR pupils”) are bilateral small pupils that constrict when the patient focuses on a near object (they “accommodate”), but do not constrict when exposed to bright light (they do not “react” to light). This condition is colloquially referred to as the "Whore's Eye" because of the association with tertiary syphilis and because … Continue reading Argyll Robertson: Better Be His Pupil, Than Have It!

MedEd Monday #1: Seductive Statistics

This is a TED talk worth hearing: In less than 6 minutes, Sebastian Wernicke presents the power of numbers. Aptly titled “LIES, DAMN LIES AND STATISTICS” this is a discourse in how to use numbers. One of my teachers used to say that if you tortured numbers long enough, they would say whatever you wanted … Continue reading MedEd Monday #1: Seductive Statistics

Harry Potter and Corynebacterium

One of the earliest posts on this blog was a Harry Potter movie review. So it is only fitting that with the final installment of the Harry Potter octology set to release in a few days, the Pottermaniacs like me are getting worked up and to celebrate that spirit, I decided to log in this … Continue reading Harry Potter and Corynebacterium

Used Bimmer Ahoy!

While the couch potatoes will be thinking of this one: Being a grease monkey, I meant this one: If this news article is to be believed, then BMW India is all set to launch the sale of pre owned cars. In India the pre owned car market is a huge one and very poorly harnessed. … Continue reading Used Bimmer Ahoy!