The Top 20 Medical Schools in India in 2011

While I am VERY skeptical about these media-sponsored rankings, I am going to present these data because my alma mater figures in the top 20 medical colleges of India. Also, because there is no other data available listing the ranking of medical schools in India, we have to depend on these rankings, which, unsurprisingly, are sometimes heavily biased by factors other than the ones enumerated in the columns of the calculations.

In a survey conducted by Outlook and MDRA (Marketing and Development Research Associates), All India Institute of Medical Sciences comes on top. Big whoop. Medical College, Kolkata, the oldest medical education institute in Asia, and my beloved alma mater, comes in 16th in ranking. Here is a list of the top 20 colleges and their scores. Click on pic to view a larger version: Continue reading “The Top 20 Medical Schools in India in 2011”

Argyll Robertson: Better Be His Pupil, Than Have It!

ResearchBlogging.orgArgyll Robertson pupils (“AR pupils”) are bilateral small pupils that constrict when the patient focuses on a near object (they “accommodate”), but do not constrict when exposed to bright light (they do not “react” to light). This condition is colloquially referred to as the “Whore’s Eye” because of the association with tertiary syphilis and because of the convenient mnemonic that, like a prostitute, they “accommodate but do not react” also because the pupils are “small and irregular.” They are a highly specific sign of neurosyphilis. In general, pupils that “accommodate but do not react” are said to show light-near dissociation. (Wikipedia)

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MedEd Monday #1: Seductive Statistics

This is a TED talk worth hearing:

In less than 6 minutes, Sebastian Wernicke presents the power of numbers. Aptly titled “LIES, DAMN LIES AND STATISTICS” this is a discourse in how to use numbers. One of my teachers used to say that if you tortured numbers long enough, they would say whatever you wanted them to. And this TED Talk takes it one step further: presenting numbers in an attractive way is equally important in getting your message across (no matter how spurious the associations may be!).

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Harry Potter and Corynebacterium
adv_pot_hpOne of the earliest posts on this blog was a Harry Potter movie review. So it is only fitting that with the final installment of the Harry Potter octology set to release in a few days, the Pottermaniacs like me are getting worked up and to celebrate that spirit, I decided to log in this post. And just in case you are too much of a Muggle, here is a snap of Golpalott’s Third Law a bit of background knowledge that you might be needing to just hit the right note with this particular post:

“The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separate components.

—Golpalott’s Third Law.

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Remembering Ajit Sengupta

My high school Biology teacher remains one of the most influential people in my life. He was not only a teacher of the Life Sciences, but also, of the science of life. And today marks the completion of a year since he passed away.

As I stumble through one of the most difficult phases of my life, I miss his guiding light, his friendly smile which was almost always followed by a mischievous wink.

He was an erudite scholar, not only in the sciences, but also in many other subjects. While such a statement would conjure images like this to the minds of the ones that do not know him:


to us, his students, who actually knew him and had come in contact with him, he was more like this:


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At-Taq of the Clones: @ZDoggMD Beware!

So you thought that science communication was all droll and boring lectures by nerdy looking professors who spout big words which work better than any sleeping pills man has made till date? Well, I am sure your fears had been dispelled by the awesome ZDoggMD and crew. I was also limited to his brand of awesomeness, until, cruising around the interwebs, I stumbled onto the … Continue reading At-Taq of the Clones: @ZDoggMD Beware!

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