AIIMS MD/MS/MCh Entrances Rigged As Well?

aiims-blue-logoIn a bizarre bit of news that must have come as a shocker for more than just myself, a news article in the Hindustan Times claims that the CBI has arrested 5 people for rigging the AIIMS entrance exams this year.

Having taken the exam this year, and knowing how high the stakes are in this one, it is no wonder that the exam is a hot bed of illegal activities like this. But what comes as a shocker is the alleged modus operandi of the racketeers. According to this article, they asked the students to not answer any questions, and they would put in the answers sometime in between. It goes without saying that this kind of op cannot be carried out without considerable amount of insider help.

I find it more than just a crime. While we slog and waste the best days of our lives trying to crack these exams, where the margin of error is so low that even 4-5 missed answers throws you out of the rank list, there is this class of people who believe that anything can be done if you have the purchasing power. And while I do not believe on riding the moral high horse and looking down on others, I just cannot refrain from doing that on this occasion.

To think that these people are doctors makes me feel ashamed.



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