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Baba Ramdev on Facebook

For the FB-meme enthusiasts like me, this has been a long awaited dream. Click on the pics to embiggen!

ramdev on facebook 1

ramdev on facebook2

At times like these, I feel so glad that my mom does not read my blog!


3 thoughts on “Baba Ramdev on Facebook

  1. India will do very well if 2 things happen.
    1.’Gandhi’ family with its corrupt mafia supporters is deported to its ‘home’ country
    2. BJP with its narrow minded ‘hindutva’ and casteist hierarchy is dismantled.
    God save India

  2. If baba is a dhongi baba, then for last 7 years ,what was the govt doing? Why they send 4 ministers? Why they called baba for talks? Why they allowed to organize the yoga camp as the govt claims? could dhong has given him this worldwide popularity? And if govt was knowingly doing these all silly things means the govt is the biggest dhongi.And for this they must apologize.The govt should except that they cheat the public and for this reason they must quit.

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