Used Bimmer Ahoy!

While the couch potatoes will be thinking of this one:


Being a grease monkey, I meant this one:


If this news article is to be believed, then BMW India is all set to launch the sale of pre owned cars. In India the pre owned car market is a huge one and very poorly harnessed. Add to that the frequent and quantum leaps in fuel prices, hunky cars are definitely not a turn on for the conservative purchaser right now.

The owning of muscle cars for vanity purposes is not a big concept in India, and is limited to the very few VERY rich people. While BMW is never going to be the so-called “people’s car”, this move may well be instrumental in helping BMW break into the burgeoning Indian middle class.

As a gear-head and a die hard BMW fan, as someone who stares for 10 seconds after a bimmer has passed him by on the streets, I am excited by this bit of news. Although BMW India has not released any information regarding the models, time lines and price ranges and has basically just released a statement of intent indicating their inclination to enter the used cars market, it makes the shallow pocketed folks like me perk up a bit.

So do we have a day nearing us when we can dangle the keys of a bimmer and beam our way around town?

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