The Top 20 Medical Schools in India in 2011

While I am VERY skeptical about these media-sponsored rankings, I am going to present these data because my alma mater figures in the top 20 medical colleges of India. Also, because there is no other data available listing the ranking of medical schools in India, we have to depend on these rankings, which, unsurprisingly, are sometimes heavily biased by factors other than the ones enumerated in the columns of the calculations.

In a survey conducted by Outlook and MDRA (Marketing and Development Research Associates), All India Institute of Medical Sciences comes on top. Big whoop. Medical College, Kolkata, the oldest medical education institute in Asia, and my beloved alma mater, comes in 16th in ranking. Here is a list of the top 20 colleges and their scores. Click on pic to view a larger version:


There is a catch, though. Only institutes that submitted complete objective data on time were ranked. That means institutes like Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh and Institute of Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Kolkata may not have submitted the requisite information on time and hence may have been struck off the list.

However, despite this, one thing that is noticeable is the fact that there is a sizeable number of private medical institutions on the list. In fact, 7 out of the top 20 are private institutions. However, how far this goes to break the myth that there is a dearth of quality faculty (and students) in the private medical education centers is questionable.

ENT Operation Theater

Anyways, I am happy that Medical College, Kolkata, has found a place on the coveted list, but let me reiterate, this is just a list, a medical school is as good or as bad as its teachers and students are. And to each student, his or her medical school is a better place than anywhere else.


41 thoughts on “The Top 20 Medical Schools in India in 2011

  1. Surprised how so many private medical colleges made it to the top 20. One should be skeptical indeed. It looks like the government colleges were sort of ‘dropped in’ on second thought.

    1. Well, having seen the facilities of KMC, Manipal myself, I highly doubt that there is room to be skeptical at least about that institute. It is indeed a premier place… as for the rest, well, my guess is as good as yours bro’!

  2. private med colleges at top….and mch at a lowly 16….at least they hav got the name correct
    those who take 16 laks as fees from every student…..can easily spend a few crores o influence…nay finance such a survey………..not that it matters to those who r in……but many new guys whocraked the jee are going by these stats

    1. I agree! Excellent assessment. The place where the Govt colleges fall behind, IMHO, are the infrastructural side of the things…

  3. MCH, kolkata comes nowhere bro.. not to hurt ur feelings and love for ur beloved alma mater.. but it can’t be forgotten there are colleges like MAMC(delhi), LHMC(delhi), SMS(jaipur), PGI(chandigarh, about which you did mention) and CMC(Vellore) that aren’t in the list… and they a generation ahead of medical college, kolkata and any other college in the state for that matter…

    1. Please forward some data supporting your claims. Otherwise, you just appear like a hate mongering troll (especially since you have provided what is evidently a false email id as well). Thanks for taking the trouble to read the post and leave the comment…

    2. A generation ahead you tell me. I have been to all the aforementioned colleges you say. Frankly, Forget about academics and students and teaching, even infrastructure wise these colleges are in the same vein as us. And we are having a spurt of development in any case.

      If we come to Students especially we are 2nd to none..yes even to AIIMS…I am glad to say…we excel in everything and are not tied down to only academics…and I am 100 percent sure our Nerds can give the Habitual AIIMS nerds too a run for their Greenwood.

      PGI is a strictly PG institution so it doesn’t come into the picture at all.
      AIIMS is indeed far ahead when we talk about faculty, exposure to research, facilities and infrastructure…but Student wise I do not think so.. cracking a nonsensical entrance examination proves nothing.

    3. Dude, please cite evidence(if you do not know what evidence means please look it up); ‘coz if you don’t, your statement will stand out as a blatant example of ignorance and/unawareness. Frankly, I do not believe in these judging criteria, but I can vouch for the academic Babylon MCH, Kolkata is for those who know how to explore knowledge.

      ‘Generation ahead’! Have you been to these colleges man? I have been to them, and I regularly work with students and doctors from ALL of the colleges you mentioned excepting SMS Jaipur(my only interaction with SMS, Jaipur was helping a student who asked for some advice via e-correspondence).

      I read at MCH, Kolkata , by choice(having voluntarily not taken colleges that feature in the top 5 in the list given here).Thanks.

  4. Eligibility for OmDayal Engineering College at Howrah is that the candidates should have passed Intermediate or equivalent examination. The Aggregate marks in (Physics + Chemistry + Maths ) for General Students should be 50% minimum and for SC / ST 40% minimum.

  5. I hav a Bsc. In biochemistry and I want to run the clinical programme in india. Is this possible and how would I go about it?

  6. The Gajra Raja Medical College is located in Gwalior. It is the oldest Medical complex in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The late Reader of Anatomy Dr. Bhagwandas Chaurasia who is considered the father of Indian Anatomical Sciences gave India the Three parts of Anatomy now being used all over India in every Medical College by Medical Students. Prof P.N Dharkar also in charge of the Neurological Services of GRMC was among India’s top ten Neurosurgeons. I hope this Institution was provided with the evaluation forms during the exercises for 2011. Perhaps this exercise can be repeated every 5 years and the criterion for selection made public.

  7. I am ugandan aged 14 years ,my ambition is to become a cardiologist ,can i apply now?wil i get a scholarship?

    1. I am afraid not. Though I am not sure about how non-Indians can get through to Indian medical schools, 14 seems too young. I think you should check in with the Indian embassy in Uganda for further details. All the bests, do stay in touch… wish you the very best in life ahead…

    2. Dear Pranab,
      Age is a consideration as a criterion for admission to any Professional institution anywhere in this global village in which we all share a space. The Indian government has a Cultural Exchange Program with the home countries of many of the Commonwealth Countries and scholarships are offered to the home government as Uganda for example. You can apply to the Scholarship division of the Ministry of Education in Uganda and they will sort the details out. Your qualifications must include Sciences and English and Maths. You can also ask the Indian Embassy for particulars on criterion for admission.

    3. Dear Bunjo.
      You have to apply to the Ugandan Govt Scholarship Division to study Medicine in India.
      Age Criterion is applicable and by the time you get replies and other transfer of Data you may reach the age limit of 16yrs for admission You can also write a letter to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, India and can address it to the Secretary for info on scholarships etc. Good luck and best wishes. Keep in touch.

  8. i am from nigeria.pls hw do i procure admission to a medical college. and wht is the requirements.please i need a guide

    1. I would ask you to contact the Indian Embassy in Nigeria for more details! 🙂 Refer to Cyril’s post above for some more ideas! Bests!

    1. No, V-man, Medical College Kolkata is the oldest medical college in Asia. Goa Medical College was established in 1842 as the Escola Médico-Cirúrgica de Goa (Medical-Surgical School of Goa). Actually, it is the third oldest medical school in Asia, right after Medical College Kolkata and Madras Medical College. Medical College Kolkata started functioning as a medical school on 28 January, 1835, and Madras Medical College on 2nd February, 1835. My facts, sir, are straight! 🙂

    2. Dear Pranab,
      Today’s Medical Colleges are all benefitting from the advances of Technology and so those institutions that are research oriented will have the technological edge over the others. I am a past student of the Gajra Raja Medical College in Gwalior, M.P. This is the oldest Medical school in M.P Research is done in the field of Anatomical abnormality and in other areas also. You may remember the late Dr, Bhagwandas Chaurasia who has authored the three volumes of the text on Human Anatomy. It is the anatomical bible for all Medical Students attending medical colleges in India, then there was also India’s top neurosurgeon Professor Dharkar who brought fame to this institution. The point I am making here is what are the criteria used to list these schools as the top 20. I accept the ranking of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi .India What about Christian Medical College, Pondicherry. Madras. When we know the Criteria used then we can accept the ratings. Research is important and so also is the percentage of annual passes from year one to the final year. What about post graduation facilities for the colleges. This is equally important.

  9. Why would you want to study medicine in India? Indian Universities are rated nowhere in the world. I’m appalled at how far behind they fall. Even cnsidering Asia alone, no Indian university falls in the top 30. I’m glad my parents emigrated.

    1. Me too, Akshay, me too… I am sure a lot of people are glad your parents have emigrated! Unfortunately for the lesser mortal like ourselves, well, we have to make do with our underquality education from unrated universities. Have a nice life!

    2. Two hundred years ago, the then British Empire had started an Involuntary System of Immigration and this was due to the abolition of the Human Slave Trade and the impending doom of the Sugar Industry. The East India Company then embarked on massive Immigration to the Colonies and were sending East Indiand as Indentured labourerers to places as Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidada and Tobago,the Fiji Islands and many other colonies of Britain so that the Sugar Industry can survive.
      Today it is the indian Diaspora that has survived the Kala Pani and are residents of over 168 Countries of the Commonwealth.We are the survivors of those indigenous people who cross the Kala Pani and lived in Ships for 10 months to reach their Destination.
      They hace built roads, Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, and many Infrastructure was set up where none existed. They were the pioneers of their day and today we bask in the glory of their doing.

  10. I have a BMLS in medical laboratory science from Nigeria. However I wish to enroll to obtain a degree in medicine and surgery from a reputable medical school in India. Please how do i go about it?

  11. Did anyone notice,kmc having the best infrastructure in India is ranked lower than aiims in terms of infrastructure,I think this has been generously altered …

  12. This list is definitely not correct. Missing ones are MAMC, Lady Hardinge, CMC Vellore, LTMC sion, Grant MC, SMS Jaipur (BJ, Pune is 4th in MH after GS, LT, Grant). And categorizaton as private is also questionable. MGIMS is autonomous but it receives central grants.

  13. Agree about KMCs infrastructure. Its top notch, perhaps the only true pvt medical college worthy of being in the list. Dont know abt others like St. John, CMC, MGIMS whether they are trust based or fully pvt institutes.

  14. I am a graduate of human anatomy, and want to continue with medicine & surgery in india. how do i go abt it?

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