Google Page Rank Love!

8 months into blogging and finally, that bit of Googlized love that every domain owner craves for: Page Rank! I figured out that since it had been several days since I had obsessed over my stats, it was time that I re-executed this exercise in futility. Little did I know unknown to me, The Big … Continue reading Google Page Rank Love!

Experimenting With Visual Learning Aids

I have been tinkering with visual learning tools, like mind maps and flow charts, because I find that it is not only more interesting to learn stuff this way, but also, I have better retention of stuff when I learn them like this. Here is an example of what I am talking about. Click on … Continue reading Experimenting With Visual Learning Aids

Aaron Swartz and the Open Access Civil Disobedience

Aaron Swartz has been formally charged with a set of violations based on his hacking the MIT mainframe in order to get into JSTOR’s archives and downloading a large segment of JSTOR’s published materials with the purpose of distributing them through one or more file sharing sites. Ars Technica has run a blow by blow … Continue reading Aaron Swartz and the Open Access Civil Disobedience

Aaron Swartz: The Robbing Hood of Open Access?

Let me make it clear at the very outset that I am aware that AS is being indicted for hacking by the federal government on charges of “wire fraud, computer fraud”, etc and not for downloading too many journal articles off JSTOR (4.8 million, to be precise). Here is what the prosecution had to say: … Continue reading Aaron Swartz: The Robbing Hood of Open Access?

Reading Now…

On the cusp of starting the final segment, The House of Zock. Expect a review of this book soon! So I waited around for three years to get my paws on this beauty and finally thanks to a special person, I have it in my life. I spent about three weeks looking at the cover, … Continue reading Reading Now…