She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!

A series of screen grabs to show what it looks like:

1. The Main Home Page:


2. The Blog Dashboard:


3. The Stats look cool:


4. A drop down list for the posts tab:


5. The posting interface:


All said and done, here are my thoughts on the new look:

1. It looks spiffy and all, but at the very heart of it, there is essentially nothing new in the whole deal. Just looke more web 2.0ey.

2. This will possibly make posting a little easier since the issue of having a hackneyed small post-writing window is done away with.

3. The stats page is essentially the same. I was hoping that they start using a bar graph since that helps us to see each day specifically and that is a little difficult to interpret from a curve (which, however, gives a better idea about the overall page hits).

4. Still no place to access uploaded files from the dashboard (like in And obviously, still VERY limited types of files allowed to be uploaded.

5. Still no signs of private posts. Its all-or-nothing. That is ridiculous since even a new start up like Posterous has managed to introduce this effect and is running it really well, if I might add…


Old wine in new bottle. In effect not much has changed. To be honest, I am yet to take this new set up out for a spin. But in all effects, I think this is just a new design, not a big deal, and blogger is still where blogger was…

Look, I am a through and through Google-guy, I have almost given my life in their hands, but I must say that all said and done, when it comes to blogging, WordPress still wins hands down…

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