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My F1000/PLoS Bag of Swag

So remember how I was the winner of the May Blogging Contest of It was on Open Science and I got a bag of goodies from PLoS and F1000 and they contained a bunch of awesome stuff.

Here is a pic of me in my lair. Please don’t get all over on me, I love these books!


And this is a snap of the whole goodie bag:


Here’s a detailed list of the stuff contained in the bag:

  1. Awesome red F1000 Tee
  2. Awesome Prussian Blue PLoS Tee
  3. Two PLoS pens (thick ones)
  4. Two F1000 pens (red ones)
  5. Bunch of PLoS and OA Badges (anyone wants one?)
  6. F1000 cups
  7. F1000 wallet calendars
  8. And here is my favorite gift: A clicky top pen, which doubles up as an LED lamp and triples up as a Laser Pointer.

And a special bunch of thanks to Graham Steel and Mark Hahnel for making things so smooth!


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