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On the cusp of starting the final segment, The House of Zock. Expect a review of this book soon!

So I waited around for three years to get my paws on this beauty and finally thanks to a special person, I have it in my life. I spent about three weeks looking at the cover, not daring to start reading it. I had waited three agonizingly long years to lay my hands on this book that my friends overseas talked of as a must read for every young intern or medical student. I read blurbs, wikipedia entries, book reviews, longing for the day when I would finally get the book. And when I did, I just did not have the nerve to open it up and read. What if it did not live up to the billing I had put it on? What if it was a dampener after all the hype? What if it did not meet my great expectations?

But one rainy evening I finally decided to crack it open and read it, and I did not stop until I had my mother screaming into my ears. And thankfully, it has not been a disappointment so far.

On to the last hundred or so pages…

4 thoughts on “Reading Now…

    1. Nearly done. I so strongly identified with the feelings of Roy while he was working in the MICU! Having spent a year in the field myself, I can totally understand where his defensive cynicism is coming from…


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