Harry Potter and the Missing Trauma Cases


ResearchBlogging.orgWith the last Harry Potter movie in the piping (due for a global release this weekend), it is understandable if the Potter craze gets a little irked this time around. And in true keeping with my Pottermania, in this post, I am going to examine the effect the release of Potter books/movies has on us.

I am not the first one to question the impact of Potter on kids and nor will I be the last. In their seminal paper in the BMJ, Gwilym et al establishes beyond reasonable doubt that no matter what the Potter books may do, they reduce ER visits of kids (due to trauma). The authors worked on the premise that: Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Missing Trauma Cases”

ASMJ-Elsevier Essay Writing Competition

Elsevier and Asian Students’ Medical Journal present an Essay Writing Competition on the topic “Defensive Medicine as a bane to healthcare”. We invite undergraduate and postgraduate students in any field of health sciences to participate. We are looking for creative, well researched and well written entries. Eligibility: Current students (both UG and PG) in any stream of health sciences including recent graduates                          Word Limit: … Continue reading ASMJ-Elsevier Essay Writing Competition

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She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!

A series of screen grabs to show what it looks like: 1. The Main Home Page: 2. The Blog Dashboard: 3. The Stats look cool: 4. A drop down list for the posts tab: 5. The posting interface: All said and done, here are my thoughts on the new look: 1. It looks spiffy and all, but at the very heart of it, there is … Continue reading She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!

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The Tyranny of Diagnosis

For a profession that primarily concentrates on the well being of the human being, we seem to be very disconnected with the suffering person. We hide behind the facades of cases/bed no./patient ID or sometimes, even diagnoses/differential diagnoses to depersonalize the man who is suffering the disease. We end up diagnosing the disease, treating the disease, whereas we were supposed to diagnose the patient, treat … Continue reading The Tyranny of Diagnosis

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When Diseases Talk: Tuberculosis and Its Impression on Literature

A skiagram of the chest, showing miliary mottling, suggestive of Pulmonary Koch’s Disease in both lungs. there is also an opacity of the right upper lobe suggestive of active pulmonary disease. Patient was an 84 year old man, with a long history of TB for the treatment of which he was a multiple defaulter. The patient presented to the ER with severe respiratory distress and … Continue reading When Diseases Talk: Tuberculosis and Its Impression on Literature

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