Sonia Gandhi Goes to USA for Treatment; AIIMS Trends on Twitter!


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While this is nothing new, it does not reflect well on the Indian healthcare system. I wonder what kind of surgery she needs that she had to leave India!

Now while she is gone, the Twindian netizens seem to have gone into a frenzy and hence has led to AIIMS being a trending topic on Twitter right now!


A lot of dissent is rising amongst the aam junta who wonder why what is good (not just good, AIIMS is probably the best) for us, is not good enough for the people who claim to represent us.

In my opinion, this is maintaining some sort of double standards. While people may claim that I maybe making a mountain out of a mole hill and Ms Gandhi is well within her rights to seek treatment outside for her ailments, all I am saying is that this is a matter of principle. I would have said the same thing if any prominent Indian politician took this decision. Irrespective of political affiliation.

I am, as of now, a rather politically neutral person and I have no political bias towards any segment. Seeing how India is, in general, considered to be a country on the rise, I think these kinds of actions send out the wrong indications globally.

If Ms. Gandhi cannot rely on us, how can we, in the spirit of reciprocity, rely on her? I seriously cannot believe that the one time an Indian medical institute is making the trends rounds on twitter is when it is being, in general, shamed by the ordinary people out there…



8 thoughts on “Sonia Gandhi Goes to USA for Treatment; AIIMS Trends on Twitter!

  1. Could it be that she is trying to avoid all the media attenion that was created when Mmanmohan Singh was operated, when the TV channels thought fit to report every bowel movement and nauseous spell?

    • If privacy were her concerns, she could have gone to a private institute or the private wards of AIIMS/PGI which are very secretive as far as their patients are concerned… or here is the kicker: she could have made a statement to this effect before jumping shores… even that would have been better than surreptitiously going off the US of A…

  2. she wants to keep her medi situation secret most probably. But its better than bringing a topshot for just a knee surgery to breachcandy. u know for whom.

    • Yes, but I must say when you look at the principle of the two situations, they are essentially the same, but the problem is, neither sits too well with the public, because, it seems that by doing these things, they are sending out the message that they deserve better than us, the people who put them on their chairs as it is…

  3. No matter how many meals Rahul Gandhi may eat in n number of dalit houses;Mrs Sonia Gandhi has rightly showed us that she does not belong to cattle class.

  4. Nah… she went to manage the black money which the Gandhi family has stacked up in various foreign bank accounts, especially Swiss accounts. There was an RTI filed on Sonia Gandhi’s travel to US and the government has been pushing the file for response from one department from another, citing reasons that they don’t have any information on her trip!

    Come on, how does government has no information on the travel of UPA chairperson. Indian media is also great and never wanted to know what happened to her… all controlled by Congress…

  5. Rahul you are obsolutely right. Each and every event in our country is a scam, even news also. So, we have to carefully take what news gives also.

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