MediQuiz #2: Just Beat It!

I will post the answer to MediQuiz #1 tonight (or tomorrow morning) but several people have already got it bang on. I am waiting for a couple of more people, who shall not be free till later tonight, to have a go at it before I post the answers. And in the meanwhile, to keep my trippy typers happy, here is another one:

What is the medical significance of this song?


Some people have said that this song also works quite well in this regard but they consider it somewhat inappropriate for the occasion:


And well, now that Saturday Night Fever is running in my head, let me just go ahead and post John T aka Tony Manero of Brooklyn do his whole swagger walking and burning the dance floor up routine.


Is it just me or is disco awesome? Smile


5 thoughts on “MediQuiz #2: Just Beat It!

  1. The new CPR guidelines: Compress the chest 2″ each push @100/m. AHA says the perfect pace is that of the BeeGees’ “Staying Alive.” Since then, I have the song on my iPod 😉 although I am sure it won’t be put to use!
    Didn’t know that the other one is at the same pace!

  2. the song stayin alive has a beat of about 100 per minute & is an ideal song to play during CPR..acc to AHA…but my question is..theres another song which has been shown to be having a similar beat..can u name that?

  3. don’t know about the medical significance of ‘another one bites the dust’ ,but…
    ‘stayin’ alive’ is known for its beats, which is exactly 100 beats / min. American Heart Association proposes that the speed of chest compressions during CPR should be 100/min. It was proposed by some Hawaiian doctor(i forgot the name) that to practice giving chest compressions at the required pace, one must listen to ‘stayin’ alive’ and go according to the beats. This theory has been studied later on, and has been found effective.

    in case of ‘another one bites the dust’, the beats seem a little faster than ‘stayin’ alive’….so, i started counting…
    – ‘…dust’ comes to around 108 beats/min , while ‘bee gees’ clock exactly 100…

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