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Tabula Rasa Seeks Your Opinion

Tabula Rasa is four years old now. And we need to know how you have felt about it in these years. For that purpose, we have developed a short survey that will hardly take 2 minutes to fill out.

Please fill it out HERE.

Tabula Rasa has had an interesting history. Started in our medical school canteen (a very popular hangout) as an informal peer to peer research support system mainly after I got an ICMR Student Research grant and also got selected for KVPY Mentorship in the same year to rake up some interest in medical research amongst the students, it soon generated some interest. Unlike the debate club (which some of formed because we wanted to chase skirts) or other such frivolous associations, this one survived. We were planning on making this a physical meet and greet sort of a club when Facebook happened. Our FB Group really took off, and while that may not be even a fraction of the popularity the Beibster enjoys, still, by our standards, it is quite a lot.

Considering the fact that it started as post lunch discussions on student research options between 5 guys and today has well over 325 followers on FB (from across the globe) and its own shiny, fancy weblog, I must say we have come quite some distance.

Now the challenge is to make the transition from just another group to an association that actually helps students using an asynchronous, web-based platform. And for that, we need to know your opinion. If you have been a part of this endeavor in the past four years, no matter for how long, we need to know what you are thinking about it.

I know the surveymonkey links with promises of short surveys are really, REALLY pesky, but trust me, this is not going to take more than 2 minutes tops, so please fill it out. I hate online surveys as much as most people, so we have tried to keep the torture as short as possible. So just take a deep breath, and click on this link. You know you are changing the world by doing this, right?


Debates and Discussions...

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