Impacted Nurse, No More?

A shocking tweet:

According to The Riot Act, Ian Miller’s very popular blog, ImpactEDnurse, has been shut down owing to problems with his employer, The Canberra Hospital. Since he has disappeared from the Twitter and Facebook scene too, there is yet to be a official declaration on the reason for the untimely demise of his blog.

Ian had a brilliant style and never failed to raise the readers’ interest. Also, it did not appear to be some anti-establishment kind of a blog, so his disappearing act is indeed surprising.

While it is infinitely surprising, I hope good sense will prevail and his blog will come back online again… here’s hoping Ian is not in any kind of trouble.

8 thoughts on “Impacted Nurse, No More?

    1. ooh NOOOO! Definitely not. I do not advocate anonymous blogging… While “Scepticemia” is an online moniker I have chosen because of the clever play on words, I am clear who I am… including a mug shot on the sidebar! Anonymous blogging comes with its own baggage of issues…


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