MediQuiz #3: R.I.P.

Well, this MediQuiz question is dedicated in the memory of an individual who has revolutionized the world of medical research, more details of which I shall give in the next post.

The clue for this one is that it is not a disease or a clinical entity but rather a tool which is used day to day by medical researchers in the clinical side of the business. It is actually a sitter if you keep up with the news and times, and not, like, live under a rock or something. And another hint: most modern evidologists believe that the thing in this question is not even his biggest achievement and he has a much bigger finding to his credit.

So, enough blabbering on hints, on to the question.

What are we talking of here?

usmle patho


Answers tomorrow or the day after, depending on the number of responses I get!


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