I’m on Grand Rounds!

My first submission to the Grand Rounds, Vol 7, No. 47 has been accepted. It was hosted over at Dr. Edward Pullen’s blog. While I keep wondering why everyone mis-spells my name, I do not take an issue with respect to Dr. P because he has taken the trouble of giving a face to me in his post. Here is his impression of me:

Surely, people who know me will stress that whatever evil I am avoiding must be the by product of my misdemeanors! There are a great mix of posts, most of which have a rather dark and foreboding, and pissed off, if I might add, tone to them. Go read the whole thing here. I think from now on I will try to submit a post in every Grand Round.

Meanwhile, after two days of staying disconnected, my internet is finally back on and I can log back in to the world. It is rather difficult to imagine a life where the internet connection does not exist. Phew!

Finally, I have lined up some heavy duty posts for this week, the only thing is to find the time to write them down.

Here’s to a week of good writing and intense studying!

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