MediQuiz #4: Incentivized PBL – A New Method of Interactive Clinical Problem Solving

I know I am supposed to put up the answer to MediQuiz #3 before I go on to post the next question, but it is past midnight and I am a little knackered to write up the post and do justice to it. Tomorrow, maybe. Procrastination, every medical student’s best friend…

Anyways, this is a prototype for a special learning exercise that me and Parijat were planning on constructing, so it is very rough around the edges. This is something like a proof-of-concept thing, where we introduce the concept of interactive medical problem solving. Now this thing needs to be moderated by someone and hence has little, if any value as an asynchronous, online tool for learning stuff. It is more of a tool for quizzing people.

So gear up, here are the rules:

  • In the first few slides, a clinical scenario is presented, based on which, in a step wise manner questions have been set.
  • Each step/question has one best option and many other wrong ones.
  • The purpose is to find the most right options and help the patient by providing proper medical care.
  • Like in real life, any procedure or therapy or step that is beneficial for the patient will earn you points.
  • And also, every unnecessary or contraindicated measure will penalize you.
  • In any case, whether your patient lives or not, with the information at your disposal, you get to make a provisional diagnosis. If you get that right, you get to win some bonus points – saving grace if you have already killed/maimed/injured your patient!
  • Finally, the one with the most points wins!

Alright, so we know this sounds a little obtuse and confusing, but hopefully, once you see the draft case, maybe things shall be a little clearer. I tried my best to see if any of the uploading sites like GDocs or Scribd or Slideshare retained the hyperlinks which make the whole presentation possible, but it did not work out quite as well. So, I am going to upload the .ppsx file which you need to open in your computer in order to find out how it goes.

Case 1: Click to download and view the presentation.

So try this out, there may be some borderline issues, since this was whacked out in less than 10 minutes. In case you find any issues with the medical information presented in the whole thing, do let me know, I would like to fine tune this. At the same time, remember, the main purpose of this one is to see whether this model works or not. So, please do let me know how this works out for you.

Finally, this case, I realize, is a bit of a Zebra. I am yet to see anything like this personally, in the real world, so I am not aware of the REAL clinical side of this thing. Its off my theoretical knowledge, basically. Besides being a zebra, this disease won the race because it has, of late, appeared in the popular media and has made quite the splash (*hint). Now, instead of blabbering on like a zombie (*hint), I will let you go ahead, and download that file and go through the scenario.

So do let me know how we can fine tune this thing further!

Click to Download the Case


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