Grand Rounds on Health 3.0 Blog

This week’s Grand Rounds is up at Health 3.0 Blog on Tumblr. Check it out here. One of my posts has gone into this week’s round up.

The next edition is due to go up on Dr. Rich’s blog, The Covert Rationing Blog. Check out his call for posts here.

In other news, I have had severe problems with the ISP and hence have not been able to connect to the blog as often as I would have liked to. Lots of things have transpired over the past week. Coauthored an editorial published in AMJ on the issue of digital indiscretions. Played a minor hand in organizing a workshop on the Introduction to Research for Medical Students, at which I may have to present a short talk (more on that later). Also, in more important personal news, joined a gym and finally decided to wake up early in the morning and shed some of the waistline.

Here’s hoping my internet connection holds so that I can resume to regular postings soon!

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