USMLE: New Rules for Time Between Attempts

From January 1, 2012, there will be a new set of rules outlining the time between attempts for USMLE. The ECFMG Reporter outlines the present rules which shall be applicable for examinees taking the tests before that date: - For the computer-based examinations (Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 3), you may take the … Continue reading USMLE: New Rules for Time Between Attempts

I’m on Grand Rounds!

My first submission to the Grand Rounds, Vol 7, No. 47 has been accepted. It was hosted over at Dr. Edward Pullen’s blog. While I keep wondering why everyone mis-spells my name, I do not take an issue with respect to Dr. P because he has taken the trouble of giving a face to me … Continue reading I’m on Grand Rounds!

Santiago Ramon y Cajal: The Craftsman of Science

Scientists often are classed to be a group who are so lost within the intricacies of their vast subjects that they forget to look out into the world or explore the horizons of other specialties. We often tend to stereotype scientists into certain classes and blocks based on the achievements they garnered in their respective … Continue reading Santiago Ramon y Cajal: The Craftsman of Science

Impacted Nurse, No More?

A shocking tweet: According to The Riot Act, Ian Miller’s very popular blog, ImpactEDnurse, has been shut down owing to problems with his employer, The Canberra Hospital. Since he has disappeared from the Twitter and Facebook scene too, there is yet to be a official declaration on the reason for the untimely demise of … Continue reading Impacted Nurse, No More?

KVPY: 5 Reasons To Apply

Well, this might seem like a stupid question to ask, but yesterday a medical student contacted me and posed before me several important queries as to the merits of busting one’s… erm, neurons… in winning the KVPY scholarship when the pressure of medical school was already too much to handle. That got me thinking, and … Continue reading KVPY: 5 Reasons To Apply