Why the BMJ Should Not Follow NEJM Author Ban Policy

Fiona Godlee has written a very interesting Editorial in the BMJ and this tweet of hers made me think on this issue: http://twitter.com/fgodlee/status/101571804526682112 I oppose the blanket ban mainly on principle. I know that it sounds weird, but in my opinion, putting a ban on editorials and reviews by academics with ties with any related … Continue reading Why the BMJ Should Not Follow NEJM Author Ban Policy

When the Shit Hit the Pan!

WhiteCoat's Call Room is one of my most favorite blogs and I just went all ROTFLMAO when I read this: How Betadine Almost Got Me Arrested. Now is he becoming the Dick Feynman of Medicine, eh? And a pic of the poopy brilliance:    

Google+: After #TwitJC, Time for #VidJC? Proposing a Model!

Dr. Ves Dimov asks an important question via When are you starting a Journal Club on Google Plus?. And I am interested because using social media for medical education is one of my prime areas of interest. In response to one of my posts, Dr. Arin Basu left his proposal to use Google + hangouts … Continue reading Google+: After #TwitJC, Time for #VidJC? Proposing a Model!

FlowChart: Classifying Staphylococci

I made this using Bubbl.us which seems like a pretty decent tool to make simple flowcharts and stuff. What do you think of this? Important tool to aid visual learners?

CET: Proposing a NEET Idea

I have had this presentation made by Dr. Avinash Supe, Professor and HOD, Department of Gastrosurgery, KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College and was waiting for the right time to publish it online. It seems like the time is now here! Knowing how the Google Docs to WordPress thingy does not always work smoothly, … Continue reading CET: Proposing a NEET Idea