The Sailor’s Syphilis Detecting Handshake: Preventive Medicine or An Oslerian Folklore?

This post is a result of a Tweet that reminded me of my clinical medicine lectures from a several years ago when we were taught that as medical practitioners, we would sometimes be required to act as detectives. Here is the Tweet: http://twitter.com/therealamerican/status/119491884321222657 A great summary of the issue is provided on the MSS website. … Continue reading

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Life Beyond Medicine

Blogger’s “Dynamic Views”: 10 Things I Learnt From Using it For A Day

Oh well, Google is finally paying some attention to its vastly overrated blogging service, Blogger aka Blogspot (where my Cargo Cult Medicine blog is hosted). Blogger has come up with “Dynamic Views”, 7 new and snazzy ways of making your blog look so very web 2.0ey. Image Credit I have just started using the Dynamic … Continue reading

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From Pakistan to China: A Country in Crisis and the Reemergence of Polio

In a rather disturbing article on their official website, WHO has come forward with some startling facts. Conventionally, polio has been endemic to four nations for the greater part of the past decade: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and of course, India. The last recorded polio case from China was in 1999. In the article dated 20th … Continue reading

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