Researching: A Foundation Workshop


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Undergraduate Medical Education in India sorely lacks any initiation into research knowledge. While I agree this MBBS training is supposed to equip people with clinical and therapeutic skills, in a world which is fast moving towards evidence based medicine, one needs minimal research skills to be able to identify the best possible evidence to apply in their own specialties. While there is a whole other debate raging on in the medical education circles regarding the need for non clinical specialties in MD capacities and the lack of their activities in integrating the bedside with the bench, the truth remains, that despite everything, even MBBS grads need the basic research skills which are not provided by the present system of medical education.

In such a scenario, initiatives like this one, patronized by the INFORMER, which is the first and only body that unifies medical students in India, is laudable.

Here is the program schedule for the day:


The focus of the day is on students with minimal knowledge in medical research and I strongly recommend 1st and 2nd Professional MBBS students to register for the event. The main website for the registration is HERE.

Conflict of Interest: Obviously, as a member of INFORMER and someone who has been on the sidelines of this program, I have an enormous conflict of interest in recommending this to you, but I sincerely believe that it would act as a brilliant primer for medical students to dip their feet into researching waters! Hope to see you there!

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