TimeUse: What People Do On Twitter All Day

This is a quickie post before I run to the gym. Hat Tip: Jon Wilkins of Lost in Transcription (and the rather wordy Darwin Eats Cake webcomics).

So this is a question that has plagued me so much: what DO people do on Twitter all day? Another curious soul, Scott Golder, decided to get off his back and actually do something about it. timeu.se was created by Scott Golder, a graduate student in the Social Dynamics Lab in the Department of Sociology at Cornell University. On Twitter, he is @redlog.

He has published his findings in an interesting paper:

S. Golder, M. Macy. Diurnal and Seasonal Mood Vary with Work, Sleep and Daylength Across Diverse Cultures. Science. 9/30/2011.

Now while I would love to stay back and do more Timeuse-ing and satisfy my amateur voyeuristic ambitions, I will have to give that up for my hour on the treadmill, but I strongly recommend that you check out the website. It is really cool. And correct too. I put in #HCSM and as expected, it came in something like this:

It corresponds with the HCSM meet up on Sunday evenings with a minor spill over onto the subsequent Monday morning.

But of course, people have more devious intentions in life. And they timeuse-d a lot of terms to finally come up with this:

So, go ahead, do not hesitate, Timeuse the term that you want to know people talk of…

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