OK! So I am officially on Google+ now. Please put me in your circles and stuff. My Google Profile can be viewed here: Pranab Chatterjee. Right now, thanks to the desolate landscape that my Google+ page is, it looks something like this: Come on, encircle me friends, and make my G+ life enriched! On a…

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OAW 2011: Guerilla Open Access

Thanks to Aaron Swartz and Greg Maxwell, the issue of Guerilla Open Access is no longer discussed in hushed tones in libraries and hallways of big academic centers, but it has come out in the open. Now although I must own up to the fact that I am intensely supportive of both civil disobedience and…

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Grand Rounds Time AGAIN!

Another Grand Rounds is up. This time over at Laika’s MedLibLog, and once again, one of my posts has been put up. Thanks for giving me some jostling space with the most wonderful bloggers on healthosphere! Meanwhile, today is Diwali, the celebration of lights (and sounds), and hence ever since I woke up, my Mom…

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