Vacation Time!

Its Durga Puja and even as I am typing this post out at the rate of knots, my mother is going ballistic about me being always so late while we have a train to catch. She has a point, you know. Whenever we are traveling, I always seem to make everyone so late that we end up running behind a train or running through traffic to get to the airport or some other such stuff. I really get late while getting out for places…

Anyways. Every year during Durga Puja, the whole extended family of ours goes to Deoghar to enjoy a traditional and quiet puja. Unlike the pujas in the metropolitan Kolkata (which, incidentally, I have only heard of, never having stayed back for the Pujas in the city), we enjoy a very peaceful puja. Traditional dresses, family time, trips to the far out mountainous rural trails. It is a very peaceful break from the hectic humdrum routines of our everyday lives.

While I promise to come back with more pictures and images, here is one snapshot from the family album where I am dressed up in the traditional Bengali garb of Punjabi and Dhoti:


So I will be away from the keyboard for a while. I will however, try to check in from time to time and see if there is any kind of connectivity that allows me to post my pics on Flickr or on this site.

But till then, you all have a great Durga Puja (if you celebrate it).

Time to check out from civilization, pop out the jacks, switch off the laptop, stop worrying about the connection speeds and driver updates, email deadlines, papers to review, papers to write… heck time to even let the MCQ worries rest for a while. It is the time for the quintessential Bengali to go back to his roots to do what he does best: vegetate! Err… I meant its time for me to communicate with the inner me!

Peace out folks!

that's all folks

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