House MD: You Can’t Keep Him Away!

While I was away enjoying my well earned break from civilization, House MD’s season 8 has premiered. And tonight, they will be showing the second episode too! So, remember what happened at the end of last season? House drove into Lisa Cuddy’s house and fled the country to go to some tropical island.

And what do you do for such an act? Go to prison:

The episode promises to be as thrilling and entertaining as they all are. with a dose of Jailhouse rock thrown in for good measure. The very short preview shows House to be most likely going back to his “olden (?golden)” ways:

Its vintage House:

Judge1: You drove your car into your ex-girlfriend’s house and then fled the country?

Judge2: Are you sorry about what you did?

House: (nonchalantly) No…

Judge1: (surprised tone) Are you trying to annoy us?

House: YES!

It has all the symptoms of being a great episode. The one thing that bugs me no ends is that Lisa Cuddy (aka Lisa Edelstein in real life) is not coming back. Well, neither would I if my crazed, drug rage driven ex drove their car through the front wall of my house. The problem is, there was such a great chemistry between House and Cuddy, and the whole Huddy business was something I strongly identified with on a personal level as well. Anyways… that discussion is for another time.

Now its time to get my dirty paws on the season premiere.

And oh, if you are in the developed world, or get access to the television channels from there, be informed that tonight the second episode is supposed to air. I hate you…

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