Embryology Mnemonic #Fail

Anatomy and Embryology have remained some of the most volatile subjects that I learnt in my medical course. Little has remained in my memory thanks to the attrition over the years, except for the clinical bits that were needed in the day to day life of a medical intern, which was not much, to say the least. But as I was going over a few questions in Embryology for my upcoming exam, a question on the Embryology of the Genital system came up.

That reminded me of a mildly amusing incident from my medical school days:

Girl: I don’t understand what’s the big deal. Male genitals develop from the Wolffian system. Easy way to remember: Males are wolves!

Boy: Oh wow. By the extension of the same logic, here is the non-female chauvinistic version: Female genitals develop from the Mullerian System. Females are MULES!

Mnemonic #Fail?

But you know what, that moment made this “important” (at least from the examination point of view) factoid stick to my mind forever.

2 thoughts on “Embryology Mnemonic #Fail

  1. My son was diagnosed with a chronological disorder at the age of 3 where he struggled to construct a word using the correct spelling or read a word by breaking it up into correct pairs. My son spent a number of hours with Angela Liddicoat and worked through a number of books for Dyslexics, one of them being Mnemonics which really speeded up my sons learning. he is now 13 and achieving top results in English and targeted for an A in English GCSE.


    1. Gary that is brilliant. I had heard that mnemonics were useful for certain learning impairments but had never actually seen it used in the management of dyslexia. I would love to hear more about this… do drop me a line at my email (pranab at pranab dot in) whenever you feel like!


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