Grand Rounds Comes to INDIA!

Guess what, grand rounds is in India, hosted over at Radiologist Dr. Sumer Sethi’s blog. He has several great posts in it. Check out the whole deal here. One of my posts has also got in. I mailed it in to him today, and he was kind enough to put it up!

I have been reading Dr. Sethi’s Radiology text book, and although, admittedly I never really read his blog too much, now I plan to, as I am going to subscribe to the feed. If I am not mistaken, Dr. Sethi is also a medical educator and is the Director of one of the largest coaching centers that trains students to crack the medical post graduate entrance examinations.

Anyways. Check out Grand Rounds. Also, try submitting for next week’s edition, which is over at Laika’s MedLib Blog. I have already submitted a post for the Information themed post for the rounds.

Also, I must say thanks to this Grand Rounds, I stumbled onto a fun-tastic new blog, called Scrubs is Real. As someone who has always wondered why his life was not more like Scrubs, and who secretly hopes and prays that if not like Greg House, MD, may he turn out to be like John Dorian, MD, at least, this blog is a treasure trove! Written by a surgeon and a medicine guy, this blog promises to be a lot of fun, if they can keep it going. I hope the bitterness of medical residency does not taint the cheery tone of their blog.

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