OK! So I am officially on Google+ now. Please put me in your circles and stuff. My Google Profile can be viewed here: Pranab Chatterjee. Right now, thanks to the desolate landscape that my Google+ page is, it looks something like this:


Come on, encircle me friends, and make my G+ life enriched!

On a different note, Google Plus gives every one of us a super-ugly, yet, universally unique code. There is no way one can get a specific username on the site (unlike Facebook). I am not sure if this feature is in the pipes, but as long as it is not there, we have an alternate way of making our Google Plus links available with ease. We can use a service called GPlus. You can assign a unique username for your google plus “numbered account” Mine is: GPlus.to/iPranab. Cool, innit? (/pranab, which was my first preference was already taken. Grrr…)

Anyways, this lack of username facility marred my Orkut experience to a large extent. It is so easy to connect with people using this particular feature on Facebook. Just give out your username and people can follow you right back! I think this is not what Google thinks like…

Anyways. Enough cribbing, put me in your circles. NOW!

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