Happy World AIDS Day

I usually tend to write a series or two on the occasion of this event but several events have coincided this year to cause an immense crisis where blogging has to take a bit of a back seat.

The wrist problem that I was having has got worse and typing is a pain and a chore right now. I am also preparing for a spate of exams lined up through December and January. Also pressures on the personal front are keeping me very busy and tied up. Yet, I will try to keep producing at least one quality post every week, as and when I get the time.

Today’s theme is, obviously, World AIDS Day. Here is a video I had prepared last year as a part of the WAD celebrations that I was a part of:

It is always good to know how and where the events that we celebrate today came into being.

Another video, a personal favorite of mine, and one which has been the subject of a LOT of trolling over my pronunciation is this one:

Anyways, out of the hatred the trolls were spewing I managed to find some good friends, one of them being my blogging buddy and more prolific blogger Anarchic Teapot (note to AP: realize why the duck post, eh?).

Also, my blog is one year old and I should have written a retrospective post (sometime later this week, its going to take some time!).

So, here’s hoping everyone celebrates the spirit of the World AIDS Day EVERYDAY rather than just this one day in the year and spreads some joy in the lives of a section of patients who have been subject to abject social and medical ostracization over the years (which is slowly on the wane).

Happy Birthday Blog and Happy World AIDS Day peeps!

One thought on “Happy World AIDS Day

  1. You cover a very important subject so kudos there! Also, I hope your wrist improves soon, congrats on your one year blogging anniversary, and best wishes on your exams… You packed a lot in here and I wanted to make sure to mention the key ones… Be well! 🙂


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