The (Alleged) Rajasthan PG Entrance Fiasco

I was thinking of writing about the postponement of the All India Post Graduate Entrance Exam in order to make time for an online counseling system to be put in place, but I just came across another bit of news that has left me wondering what the heck is wrong with the system. Now obviously, this might be all wrong but, I guess it is unlikely. Call me biased, but if there is some smoke, there is bound to be a fire somewhere.

On a popular medical student forum called RxPG, this discussion caught my attention (I am quoting verbatim):

1. First of all they cost exam fee 5000 Rs.
2. They decide to conduct online exam. Question will appear only once either you attempt or left. You can’t review it again. And your score will be given as you submit the paper.
3. Exam time was 11am to 2pm and they called us at 8.30 for biometric verification. But when we reach there, we waited for two and half an hour.
4. Paper didn’t start at 11am. Computer was not working for many students. And paper was more tough than aipgme2012. With full cheating at some centers.
5. Server was down at one exam center so exam was not conducted at that center. So university postpone the exam only for that center.
6. We have filed a writ in jaipur high court for reexam but high court rejected the writ.
7. Today postponed paper held. Paper was so easy (repeat of aipg 2003 and 2004). Even some candidate get 100% marks.
8. Now what will happen god knows?




Result of rajasthan prepg is declared and top 25 rankers in all categories are from a single center.

If this is indeed true then these are shocking allegations. Not only does it make us doubt the transparency of the examination system but also makes us doubt the very system we are working in. The worst thing was to see the abject desperation and dejection amongst the candidates on the discussion threads.

I know life goes on, and somehow or the other we have to learn to cope with these shenanigans, but it sure does make me feel sorry for the medical education system in place. I wanted to show my sympathy and solidarity for the poor blokes who feel cheated, and not unreasonably so, by a system that is opaque and obtuse at best, to unscrupulous and corrupted at the worst.

…and then people complain about the “poor quality” of doctors being produced!


19 thoughts on “The (Alleged) Rajasthan PG Entrance Fiasco

    • Erm… I am sorry I just don’t follow your logic! If you find a study that tells us that suicides increase on the day of AIPG results, point it out to me, I will be more than happy to write about it mate! 🙂

    • Neither you nor me… the post I wrote! It would be nice if you tried to commented on that instead of trying to pick a fight with me mate!

  1. If aftr hard work of 10mnths we got dis kind of injustice even aftr getting gud marks den why we r studying, we shud tak AK 47 n kill dos bas….
    U al knw abt whom m talking

  2. what rubbish , how can be there two sets of papers on different days and can be compared in results without randomisation, i dout taht that center also may have a selected set of students or roll no. ,if it is not so and the students were from alphabetwise in all the centres i.e.a-d on 1st and s- z on the last centre then my dear friends this result only shows that 1)these examiners had not randomised 2-3 sets of papers beforehand 2) they were not ready for this kind of malfunction 3)paper anan fanan me taiyar kiya 4)most likely gali- gali chor h ,,,,,,,gali -gali chor h

    • Well, clearly the examiners were not prepared for this kind of an emergency. But as I have said i did not take the exam myself but a LOT of the Rajasthan folks are agreeing with this bloke’s experience. And if there is smoke… there’s bound to be some fire!

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