Game, Set… MATCH!

A number of my friends applied for the USMLE this year and it seems that with every passing year more and more people from my neck of the woods are trying to jump shores. The whys and wherefores of such a radical decision are matters for another post, but the thing is, all over the world, medical aspirants are waiting with bated breath for the game to come to an end.

They have labored through an arduous process of completing paper work and taking the exams, then they have waited for the interview calls to roll in… and finally they have tried to impress their interviewers. Then more paperwork and more waiting… till now!

And all of that will be justified by one magical word: Matched (or not).

Here’s wishing all the USMLE aspirants a cracking Match day. May your dreams be fulfilled, and you get through to the Institution of your choice.

And P, I am specially hoping and wishing you the very best on a very personal note. I hope all the trials and tribulations you have been through bear fruit tonight.

Best of luck, folks!

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