World TB Day: Make Your Own Poster, Show your Support

pranab_stop TB

Well, its not too fab considering I did not put too much thought into which floating head of mine should go into the image, but then again, more than the image, it is the thought that counts. You can make your own World TB Day poster by going to My Stop TB. It is very important for all of us to step forward to beat the bacillus.

As a responsible member of the healthcare profession, I pledge to raise awareness amongst people about TB and the fact that it is a very curable disease. I pledge to be a part of the profession actively campaigning against the superstitions and misbeliefs that are so rampant in my society about this disease.

And in the larger scheme of things, I would love to be a part of the revolution for general upliftment of the standards of living so that the socially mediated part of the disease can be halted.

I want to see the fight against TB grow stronger. I want an effective vaccine. I want zero death from TB. I want fast and cheap and reliable diagnostic aids. I want effective medicines against resistant strains. I want people to be more aware and accepting of the scientific bases of the disease.

And I want all of this in my lifetime…

Happy World Tuberculosis Day, folks. What is your pledge?

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