Peter Binfield Leaves PLOSONE to Found A Novel OA Journal

Peter Binfield joined PLoS ONE in March 2008, when the journal was merely a new fangled concept looked on with a lot of suspicion. Certain editors were worried that it would become the dumping ground for rejected papers because of its policy to publish all methodologically and scientifically sound papers without any concern about its … Continue reading Peter Binfield Leaves PLOSONE to Found A Novel OA Journal

On Being A Gadfly

Although this is the age of Evidence Based Medicine, in large parts of our country, the “E” in EBM does not stand for Evidence, and more often than not, means “Eminence”. Medicine, for a long time, was resistant to the influx of new ideas. While reading the Gawande article on the History of Surgery in … Continue reading On Being A Gadfly

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

When Chris Rumble, an American Hockey player aged all of 22 years was diagnosed with Leukemia, he was, understandably crushed. But, he brought together the Hemato-Oncology floor of the Seattle Children’s Hospital together for a fantastic remake of the fantastic Kelly Clarkson number, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It has already gone viral, … Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

AIIMS May 2012: Part–I: Nostalgia

First up, a sincere apology to my email subscribers for messing up your email with multiple temporary post mails from Windows Live. Sorry for spamming you, the program went bonkers trying to get a hold of my new blog theme (Nuntius). I hope you do not unsubscribe! What were the emotions that you felt while … Continue reading AIIMS May 2012: Part–I: Nostalgia