Dr. Brian Hughes writes ScienceBit, a blog I follow regularly (though more as a lurking reader than anything else more!). He is a Lecturer in Psychology at the National University, Galway, Ireland. His blog is focussed on de-jargonizing science and exposing pseudo-science and the misuse of science to bluff the public. In this post, he describes his experience of being in India. In this post, he points out what has long been a pet peeve of mine – tall science-ey claims made by the cosmetics industry to befuddle the Indian masses to buy their stuff – that, and our fascination, as a race, with the lightness of the skin complexion! Anyways, head over to The Science Bit and give this a read.

The Science Bit


I had the privilege of visiting India the other week. Seriously, no kidding, I totally did. To an outsider India is a highly complex and puzzling place, a complete assault on the senses, and so thought-provoking as to leave your brain sore. On the one hand, there’s all the entrepreneurship, the innovation, the economic super-poweriness, the sheer scale, and the omnipresent sense of creativity. But on the other hand…well, on the other hand are the shoeless and dust-encrusted kids, living, sleeping, eating, defecating, and basically growing up right there on the sidewalk. Along with their entire extended families. There they are as the cars drive by, toddling or crawling on hand and knee after some piece of litter as if they were playing with a toy tipper-truck on your sitting room floor. Every day of their lives.

Woah. Not cool.

So it’s good to see such an emphasis on science and scientific advancement in India.

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