Birthdays, Bonds and Being Bowled Over

This has been one of the most raucous Junes yet. Tons of fun, including a 7-cake birthday celebration (almost a week long event, where I ended up cutting into seven cakes!), lot of letting the (proverbial) hair down, and fooling around in general. Life’s been good.

This series of celebrations started with Jitendra sir’s birthday party at his place. We had a small cake, a small gathering and the customary cake-facial with much pomp and grandeur.

This was followed pretty quickly by my birthday celebrations. It started four days before the actual day and went on for a couple of days afterwards. We really made a carnival out of my birthday this time. And the best part is that almost all of my friends here in Delhi were part of one (or more) of these events. A lot of friends turned up, some from faraway places, en route to other faraway places… and really surprised me. This was the first time I was thrown a surprise birthday party exclusively by my friends, and I was simply blown away by it. I really did have seven cakes… well, six cakes and a real large pastry, if you’re being nit picky. There may not be photographic evidence of all, but sample these snapshots from the album of joy.

One of our seniors has cracked the Civil Services exams and is moving towards a career in diplomacy and bureaucracy, and I got lucky and ended up cutting another cake on his celebratory party.

Then there was yesterday, when we went out bowling to celebrate another close friend and colleague’s birthday!

And if you think that we’re done celebrating for the month, then boy oh boy, have you got us all wrong or what!

Tomorrow we are going out to celebrate our belated Freshers’ Party. Day after we have another senior’s birthday, when we totally intend to push her into penury with our out and out gluttony. And to round the month of, one of the most popular final year residents of the department is also going to be subjected to birthday-induced poverty.

Wanna enjoy life? Come join our department.

Sorry for the departure from the routine fare of academic stuff. Will return with the regular programming soon!

One thought on “Birthdays, Bonds and Being Bowled Over

  1. wow!! u definitely had the best birthday ever!!!! all the pics look real nice! hope the year goes great too 🙂


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