JIMA: Largest Medical Journal in Print Closes Shop

The Journal of the Indian Medical Association seems to have ceased publication in March, according to this newspaper article, which caught my attention recently. There was some conflict leading to the March issue not being published. I checked the JIMA website, and it seems to have been put out of show; it links to a…

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Towel Day Infographic (Credits: Lemonly)

Happy Towel Day!

So, you never heard of this, eh? Today is World Towel Day, celebrated in the memory of Douglas Adams, the celebrated author of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and a ton of other stuff. Anyways. The original refrain about the importance of the Towel for a galaxy-hiking bloke went as follows: A towel, it says,…

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Pediatrics: Michelle Au (The Underwear Drawer)

Meet Your Match: USMLE Match 2014 Interview #2: Cleve-land Ahoy!

This is the second post of the series where I talk to (and about) people who have successfully matched and reached the culmination of their USMLE Journey. I have previously talked about a friend who had matched in Houston. Today, I will present the words of wisdom shared by another friend who has matched into,…

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