A Stroll Through Lodhi Garden

Yesterday I took out my new DSLR Camera for a spin. I went to the Lodhi Gardens, early in the morning, and snapped a fair number of pictures. Now since I was too excited to get them out on the blog, I have not spent any time on them “post processing”, though I recognise the need for the same, at least in a few of the pictures, I imagine the process would get me too bogged down and I would never come around to look at them again. Since Flickr is providing 1 TB space – which is more than anyone can ask for – I have decided that I shall put them up again if I manage to undertake post processing some time in the future.

For now, here is a slideshow of images that I took at the Lodhi Gardens in Delhi on a slightly chilly morning. I am an absolute newbie at this art form, so do not be too harsh in your criticism of my rickety clicks. Let me know how I can improve. I am not sure whether you shall enjoy these or not, but I must admit I had a grand time clicking these pics!

So, here goes!



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