ICMR Opens STS-2015 Applications: Research Opportunity for Undergraduate Medical Students in India

The Indian Council of Medical Research has a run a very prestigious and increasingly sought after summer research programme for MBBS students in India, called the Short Term Studentship (STS) Program since 1979. They have opened up the call for applications for the program for 2015. You can check out more about the program here.

This is one of the very few well-stablished research support programs for Indian medical students and I would strongly advocate all readers who happen to fall into that demography to submit their work proposals for consideration.

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer, in an unofficial capacity, help for anyone struggling to find their way through to a research question. To start the ball rolling, here is an old video I made for a students’ journal when I was a student contributor to it.I had done this on my old, noisy laptop which created an irritating background buzz:

This is an informal video-cast I made as a medical student. Do not beat me up too much about it, I was (and am) still learning. The point is the titillate your research-inclined neurons! If any of you feel you are interested in medical research, but feel just slightly lost about how to go about it, feel free to get in touch. You could leave a comment on this post, though that would not be very advisable because continuing a discussion there would be tough. You could use the contact form on my contact me page! You could Tweet me @Scepticemia. Or write in at my email:    a20e7de45d2e61da7ad797c37cedeade

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