Fake WHO Certificates of Yellow Fever Vaccination in Zimbabwe and Zambia Endangers Global Populations

Here is a great example of how a Governmental Policy and Implementation may impact global health issues! According to the New Zimbabwe report, fake WHO certificates crediting Yellow Fever vaccinations are sold openly in bus terminals of Zimbabwe and Zambia (a problem which was previously also noted to exist in Nigeria).

The main reason why people have to resort to these fraudulent measures is because of the prohibitively expensive tag associated with the yellow fever vaccine, which can cost between 60-70 US$ in a private pharmacy, which are the most important providers of the vaccine. A fake certificate, on the other hand, comes for a mere 5 US$!
The failure of governmental policy implementation has not only failed to protect the health of the people in these nations, but has created a potential health hazard for all those countries in which the vector mosquitoes are present, but the disease has not yet made an appearance simply because the virus is absent.
Considering that we are rapidly moving towards a global village, it is these kinds of activities that, occurring beyond the radar of detection, inflates the risk of a global infectious catastrophe!

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