Typhoid Outbreak in Jammu and Kashmir

Reports of an outbreak of typhoid is pouring in from Jammu and Kashmir, with as many as 65 patients being confirmed by laboratory investigations at the District Hospital, Rajouri. The Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital at Rajouri has further added that a whopping 260 patients have been registered with the hospital with clinically suspected diagnosis of typhoid.

The outbreak of typhoid has been linked to breakage of dilapidated supply pipes leading to contamination of drinking water. In response to this, a region wide boil-water instruction has been passed down to the community.

There is, however, no confirmation about the dilapidated pipes being the source of infection, although such a source would fit with the profile of a large number of outbreaks clustered in an area where the incriminated supply reaches.

Typhoid is caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi, and maybe a distressing febrile illness accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms.

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