An Oslerphile’s Dream Gift

I received a wonderful gift yesterday, one that has had me hooked ever since. I hope to write more details on the surprise party where I got the gift in an upcoming post, but for now, I just cannot wait to show off this brilliant gift: a limited edition, published for members only version of the 1904 imprint of Sir William Osler’s masterpiece: Aequanimitas. The book, its hide cover with gold embellishing and gilded pages is right out of a dream. The previous owner, Dr. Quentin D. Young, MD, (who happened to be a bit of a celebrity himself) has kept the book in immaculate shape, down to the small paper tag where his name is printed by the Medical Classics Library that sent him the book.

Here’s a few images of this fabulous gift.

Thank you, Bhavna Seth, for this AMAZING gift.

2 thoughts on “An Oslerphile’s Dream Gift

  1. 🙂 Glad you liked it. Couldn’t resist getting it and waited with much pent up excitement (for over 6 months!) to see your expression on opening it. ‘Twas worth it all and more 🙂


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